About us

Newstay meditates in the subletting of apartments to legal entities. Newstay can guarantee you first class service and commitment by a team with the common passion to satisfy each client.

Over 200 sublease apartments in Stockholm

Newstay was founded in 2013 by Jacqueline Hedebark, who has been actively working in the line of business for over 10 years. Since Newstay was founded, the company has subleased over 1000 apartments, and as of today there are over 200 satisfied tenants in homes subleased by us, as well as several homes awaiting new guests.

Extensive network

Newstay and its employees have a substantial network of contacts throughout Stockholm. As a part of Newoffice and Newproperty, the company has contacts throughout all of the sectors in the real estate industry, which has created more opportunities to make Newstay grow.

Ambitious employees

The ambitious team at Newstay consist of three employees, actively working to match quality housing with corporate employees searching for new homes. With different training, skills and ages, we complete each other – creating a sharp, creative and progressive team.
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