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Gärdet is the area north of Östermalm, close to the rest of the inner city. The area includes vast open spaces used for recreational purposes; the name Gärdet (”the field”) often refers to this area specifically.

The living area at Gärdet is very close to vast green fields and forests, and has a lot of museums and different events. During the summer semester, there are several different events on ”the field” such as circus, music and sports and more.


The Tessin Park is at the heart of the living area at Gärdet. It is renowned for its large number of modernist apartments – white buildings mainly from the functionalist period in the 30´s.


The green areas of Gärdet is a mix between open fields and forests. From the beginning of May, the King’s sheep graze in the National City Park. The sheep go loose during the day, cared for by shepherds with dogs. The grazing of animals is very useful for preserving the open park and nature landscape with its typical oak groves. Gärdet Sport Field  is open is a natural grass area of approximately 100,000 square meters.ha a lot of possibilities – american football, rugby, basket and soccer, an outdoor pool and gym and much more.


Djurgården is a vast green area, consisting of two parts – the island Södra Djurgården and Norra Djurgården, the part closest to Gärdet. A beautiful channel is dividing the two parts. This area is perfect for biking or strolling, and you find a lot of interesting museums here (among other a genuine japanese tea pavilion with ceremonies you can visit). There are several nice restaurants, cafés and also a well-known orchard where you can eat and shop natural products.


The mall Fältöversten is not really known for its beauty, but for its more than 60 different shops, restaurants, cafes and services. Here you could find anything you need – from food to clothes, tools, medical expertise and much, much more. In this area you also find buses and metro, conveniently taking you to other parts of Stockholm