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The Gärdet area is just next to popular walking and sport tracks at Ladugårdsgärde and the beautiful island of Djurgården. Gärdet is a very friendly neighborhood, and it´s close to a shoppingcenter, with all kinds of shops and cafés.

In the area there is a zone with several museums, and even a genuine Japanese tea house. Along the Djurgårds channel there is often art exhibition. There are a lot of green areas in this area, both forests and fields.


Tessinparken, with its winding walkways, sculptures and a fountain, is one of many parks in the area. The area around the park is known for it´s functionalism architecture.


There are also many other family-friendly attractions, including outdoor sport activities, all the year around. A zone of the area has several interesting museums for both children and adults. There is even a genuine Japanese tea pavilion, where you can take part of the ritual.


The shopping center Fältöversten it´s not exactly known for it´s beauty, but instead for it´s excellent and vast offers of everything from food to clothes to cafés, among much other things. Fältöversten about 60 shops, services, beauty concepts and restaurants.


Djurgården is known for its many attractions and for its nature with parks and many old oaks. The main attractions of the island are Skansen and Vasa Museum as well as the amusement park Gröna Lund.