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Vasastan is a district within the borough of Norrmalm, next to both Kungsholmen and Östermalm. In the middle of Vasastan is Odenplan, seen as a centre of the district and one of Stockholms biggest and most busy public transport stations. Vasastan is named after the historic Swedish king Gustav Vasa and next to Odenplan stands the magnificent Gustav Vasa church.
The major parks of Vasaparken and Oberservatorielunden are also located in the borough, where Vasaparken is a popular place for families, with ice skating opportunities during the Winter as well as a big playground all year around.

Birkastaden is a smaller, but very cozy, area in the north-western corner of Vasastan. It is named after the Viking settlement Birka and as the name entails, Birkastan forms the Northern frontier of the Stockholm’s historical city centre. The most famous street of the area, Rörstrandsgatan, becomes a pedestrian street during the Spring and Summer time with a lot of idyllic restaurants, cafés and bars along the street. During the most recent years, Birkastan has become one of Stockholms most exclusive areas to live in, with its majestic century buildings and popular streets.


Vasaparken is a park located between the two city squares of Odenplan and Sankt Eriksplan, within the district of Vasastan. Vasaparken is a very active park, with a lot of opportunities for sport activities as well as a great playground for families. During the summertime, the football pitch in the center of the park becomes popular for the general public and during the Winter, the pitch is transformed into a ice-skating rink. Around the pitch in the park, you can also find a cozy café alongside Odengatan, as well as idyllic picnic possibilities on the hill of the park.