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Our team is dedicated to providing professional service, whether you are a tenant or a landlord. We have a long experience of the subletting market in Stockholm and manage around 300 apartments daily.

We understand what is important when you rent or rent out an apartment. The devil is often in the details and our agents are used to keeping track of them all. We are here for you when a wi-fi breaks down, a neighbour plays opera at 3 o’clock at night, or if a bed would creak…

We have a long experience in helping large corporations finding the right home for their employees moving to Stockholm from all around the world.

Being present every step of the way, we can ensure that your needs are taken care of and that you are truly satisfied. The Newstay team are experts on problem solving. You should just relax and enjoy.




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We founded Newstay in 2013. Ever since have we grown organic, starting from zero to over 3.000 satisfied and happy clients renting via us.

On an everyday basis there are over 300 guests staying in one of our apartments.

By guaranteeing first class commitment and a honest promise to listen carefully to our clients requirements, we believe that we have been able to render a great number of satisfied guests throughout the years, both tenants and landlords.

With an experienced and devoted team that are putting high service, quality and a personal touch first, our guests could feel that we really understand their needs, as we are paying attention to every detail.

We take great pride in ensuring our guests satisfaction. You should not have any problems at all when renting or renting out – it´s our mission to ensure that you can only relax and enjoy.



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New Property takes a broad grasp on properties and premises. They create and execute large and small real estate transactions all over the country while being Sweden’s leading leasing consultant, with a focus on Stockholm. They have resources to help you from idea to completion.

The Transaction Team is focusing on selling or buying property, giving correct advice and staying with you through the entire process.

The Leasing Team is focusing on renting out premises for both small and large companies in the Stockholm region for both landlords and tenants.

The third service is offered by the Retail Team, where they help the landlord develop retail premises.

Read more about what they can do for you here.