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Newstay would like to welcome you as a Landlord to enjoy our services when subletting your apartment in Stockholm. Our goal is to handle the rental process of your apartment in a professional way throughout the entire period. To move forward in the process, carefully read through and accept the terms & conditions stated in this document.

  • Newstay (New Stay AB, VAT no. 556919-9374), hereinafter abbreviated NS, is the agent.
  • In this letter, the landlord can be a private person owning his/her apartment in a co-op building association (bostadsrättsförening), a private person with a firsthand contract (hyresrätt) or a property owner.

In this letter, the tenant is the corporate client renting the apartment via NS, and the residential tenant is the person living in the apartment.

First Contact

We may collect personal identification information from Users in a variety of ways in connection with activities, services, features or resources we make available on our Site. Users may visit our Site anonymously. We will collect personal identification information from Users only if they voluntarily submit such information to us. Users can always refuse to supply personally identification information, except that it may prevent them from engaging in certain Site related activities.

Competition Clause

The landlord has permission to use more than one real estate agency for the purpose of subletting the apartment but must inform NS and make sure that only one rent level reaches the market. It is the landlord’s responsibility to check with NS about which rent level reaches the market from NS’s side.

Permission to Sublet

The landlord always needs permission to sublet his/her apartment (if not a property owner). The landlord must contact the building association or the property owner, respectively, to receive permission to sublet. It is the landlord’s responsibility to find out what rules apply in his/her specific building and if he/she has a right to sublet according to Swedish laws and regulations. The landlord must keep NS informed about the process and final decision.

Marketing Process

The landlord must keep the apartment clean and neat during the marketing period, so that it looks presentable to corporate clients during scheduled showings. It is in the landlord’s interest to give one set of spare keys to NS before the marketing starts so the NS team can conduct showings of the apartment between Monday-Friday, 8:00-17:00. It is also in the landlord’s interest to respond to NS’s requests to show the apartment within a day, either via e-mail or telephone.

NS aims to find a match between the landlord’s apartment and a corporate client’s requirements including, but not limited to, size, area, length of the subletting period and budget. When NS has found a client that wants to rent the apartment, a confirmation of the agreement needs to be sent to NS in an e-mail. The landlord must send NS the contact information necessary to move forward in the process of drawing up the contract in a timely manner.


Landlord’s Information including data, text, video, still images, audio or other material of the property will during the marketing process be allowed to be shared, published, stored or uploaded on our website or social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn). The agreement is valid only for the duration the property is listed and cannot be reused without any specific written permission.


When renting out an unfurnished apartment the rent should include water and heating, if no other agreement has been reached between the landlord and NS. When renting out a furnished apartment the rent should also include electricity (up to an agreed amount per month), gas (if the apartment has a gas stove), basic selection of TV channels and Wi-Fi, if no other agreement has been reached between the landlord and NS.

Bed linen and Towels

It is optional for the landlord to provide bed linen and towels. However, beds should always be supplied with a bed mattress, a bed mattress cover, pillows and duvet.

Rent Level

For owned apartments (in Swedish; bostadsrätter, ägarlägenheter and houses) the rent level when subletting can cover operating costs and capital costs. Operating costs can include monthly fees paid to the cooperative housing association (bostadsrättsförening), utilities, as well as a premium for wear and tear. While the law doesn’t mention mortgages specifically, apartment owners can add a reasonable rate of return based on the market value of the apartment, which at the time of this letter is considered to be around 3-4 percent. More information about this and about taxation of the profit the landlord makes on the rent can be found in the following links:

For rental apartments, a landlord (with a firsthand contract) is allowed to receive a subletting rent level that covers the rent and utilities. The landlord can add maximum 15% on top of the rent for a furnished apartment, as a premium for wear and tear. Please read more about this law at:

Payment of Rent

The rent payment is handled by NS. The rent will be paid on the last workday of each month in advance. NS charges a deposit of one month’s rent from the tenant, which is retained during the rental period.


The landlord should provide NS with minimum three complete sets of keys to the apartment upon move-in and two sets for common areas along with possible keys for the mailbox, storage unit and laundry room. If the landlord has any specific requests regarding handling of locks and/or keys provided to the apartment, this information must reach NS before the contract is signed. 

Specific Requirements of Maintenance

If the landlord has specific requirements on how to maintain the apartment these instructions should be presented to Newstay prior to move-in. If the landlord wishes the residential tenant to take extra care of something, for example the surface of the kitchen countertop, specific instructions must reach NS before the contract starts and potential products must be left in the apartment.

Inventory List

If the apartment is rented out furnished, it is up to the landlord to present an inventory list in writing for the residential tenant to sign during the move-in inspection. An inventory list could be a text document or a document with enclosed picture of the inventories. An inventory list is optional, and NS will conduct a move-in inspection with pictures in any case.


The landlord is responsible for maintaining both a valid Third-Party Liability Insurance as well as a valid insurance for all private belongings during the entire tenancy.

Access and Move-In Inspection

The tenant normally gets access to the apartment on the day the contract starts. If the first day of the contract is a holiday, the tenant will get access the first workday thereafter. NS conducts a move-in inspection report of the apartment with pictures and text describing the condition of the apartment by the time of move-in. The report will be signed by the team member from NS conducting the report and the residential tenant or a representative from the company. An ocular examination is performed. This means that NS does not take responsibility for details that are not included in the report and which cannot reasonably be detected by the naked eye during an inspection. NS will send a copy of the report to the landlord after the completion of the inspection, along with potential questions and/or requests to get certain things fixed in the apartment.

Cancellation and Extension of the Sublease Contract

If the contract is to be cancelled, this must be notified in writing to NS during weekdays between 09.00-17.00. Notice of cancellation, changes or extensions that are agreed upon over telephone must be summarized and confirmed in an e-mail or in a written letter to be valid. Normally, the landlord is bound by the duration of the contract period and cannot cancel the contract earlier. Extensions are subject to availability at the time of request. A request of extension or option for extension of a previously agreed rental period must be sent to NS by e-mail.

Departure Day and Move-Out Inspection

NS practice monthly periods and the contract will end on the last day of a month, unless another agreement has been made. The move-out inspection is handled by NS and normally takes place at the last workday of the contract period. The inspection report from the move-in is reviewed again to detect any damage that may have occurred during the rental period. An ocular examination is performed. This means that NS does not take responsibility for details which are not detected, and which cannot reasonably be detected by the naked eye during an inspection. NS will thereafter inform the landlord and summarize details about the current condition of the apartment. If problems arise, NS will keep a dialogue with the landlord on how to solve them in the best way.

The landlord is responsible for damages that he/she cannot show that the residential tenant has caused due to negligence. Normal wear and tear are always included in the rent and if the landlord considers that something goes beyond normal wear and tear, it is up to him/her to show that the damage has occurred because of the residential tenant’s negligence.

If a damage has occurred that the landlord wants compensation for, this claim must be submitted to NS within one month from the conclusion of the contract. If no claim for compensation has been received, NS reserves the right to refund the tenant’s deposit.

Final Cleaning Before Returning the Apartment to the Landlord

The final cleaning is handled by NS and conducted by the cleaning company assigned by NS. The cost for the final cleaning will be deducted from the deposit that is paid by the tenant. Costs for any damage that occurred during the stay in the apartment will also be deducted.

Returning of the Keys to the Landlord

After the move-out inspection and the final cleaning has been completed, NS will inform the landlord about when he/she can pick up the keys from the NS office. If the landlord requests a meeting in the apartment to go through the inspection report with a representant from NS, this request should be made in a timely manner and is subject to availability at the time of request. NS reserves the right to say no to a personal meeting in the apartment if it is not considered necessary or the time is not available due to the workload at the time of request. The landlord may then go through the report alone and return to NS if questions arise.


If an agreement concerning the interpretation or application of these Terms & Conditions cannot be reached by negotiation between NS and the landlord, then recourse is to be made to competent Swedish authorities in accordance with Swedish rules, regulations and law.

Force Majeure

NS will not accept liability or pay compensation for any loss, damage or expense suffered as a result of NS suppliers’ inability to provide services due to war, threat of war, riots, civil disobedience or strike, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or industrial disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, closure of airports or harbors, lack of public transport or any unforeseeable or unavoidable event beyond NS’s control.