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Below you will find the information for you as a private landlord. This is to understand how the rental process works when you choose to go through Newstay.

Permission to rent out your apartment

Before you proceed with the rental process with Newstay, it is important that you check with your housing association or landlord that they approve renting to a company or just to a private individual.

Viewings of the apartment

We will contact you when it is time to show your apartment to potential tenants. There is often short notice in our industry, and it is therefore important that we have up-to-date contact information, such as mobile telephone number and email address. Viewings are carried out by Newstay as agreed with you.


Before renting your apartment, we need to obtain a certain number of sets of keys depending on how many rooms the apartment has, as well as keys to the laundry room and other common areas. If you choose to hand over one set of keys to easy up viewings, we will always keep them in our locked safe. We always ask for permission to conduct a viewing and give you an update on how it went afterwards.

The rental period

Leasing can take place through two different options, either via Management Assignment or a flat fee, 10% of a yearly rent plus vat.

The Management Assignment means that Newstay is present throughout the rental period and handles service and communication with the tenant. We also handle payments / rent, contracts, inspection protocol. The sublease contract is draw up between the tenant and the landlord. Between the landlord and Newstay we have another contract that allows us to handle the payments. See us as your extended arm without being directly involved.

The flat fee means that we are with you until the tenant moves in. Then you take over. In both cases, we draw up all documentation such as rental contracts, inspection reports, etc. We will inform you in more detail when you have chosen to proceed.

Photography for marketing

In connection with renting out your apartment, we post pictures and market your apartment primarily via our homepage. It is important that you send us pictures in “landscape” format. Keep in mind that it is important to have good daylight and that the apartment is tidy – important that you give an interesting and good impression.

It is also important that you take pictures of all rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and if there is anything else that you think is important to highlight, please take pictures of it with such things as a balcony, fireplace, nice entrance or courtyard.

Condition of the apartment

Before moving, you need to draw up an inventory list. It can be done both in writing and or just pictures.

In connection with moving in, a move-in protocol is drawn up that describes the condition of the apartment, where errors, damages etc are noted. The protocol is signed by all parties before moving in and in connection with moving out, the parties go through it again for reconciliation.

When we receive your apartment, it must be cleaned according to professional standards. This means e.g. that refrigerators, freezers, drains in bathrooms and kitchens are cleaned and windows. Closets should be emptied of personal belongings and items of emotional or significant value, such as valuable art, should be removed.

It is always good that you as a landlord have maintenance advice that you want the tenant to know and carry out. To avoid any misunderstanding, write down the maintenance advice in writing in both Swedish and English.

During a rental, normal wear and tear on the apartment is included, which is covered in the rental level. Newstay ensures that any damage proven to be caused by the resident tenant is rectified. However, you as the landlord must hold valid home insurance during the rental period and have informed your insurance company that you sublet the apartment.

Normal wear and tear, what is it? The tenant has a duty of care during the tenancy. The duty of care means that the tenant must take care of and keep the apartment clean. The tenant is thus obliged to compensate for damage caused by his fault or negligence.

On the other hand, it is important to distinguish between damage caused by negligence and negligence, and normal wear and tear caused by normal use of the apartment. The latter may be accepted by the landlord. The tenant is therefore not obliged to compensate the landlord for normal wear and tear of the apartment.

After moving out, we will leave the apartment professionally cleaned (booked by Newstay) and return all keys.

When renting out a furnished apartment

If you intend to rent out your apartment furnished, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. The apartment should feel like a functioning home and be equipped with the following:

  • Cleaning equipment (vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket)
  • Blanket and pillow
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Kettle, pots and pans
  • Sets of crockery and glass and cutlery for 4–6 people depending on the size of the apartment
  • Standard set of kitchen utensils such as colander, cutting board, spatula, scissors & knives etc.
  • Curtains/blinds or blinds for blackout
  • Furniture
  • TV and internet

Before you leave the apartment, it is important that the kitchen is inspected and updated. Spices and dry goods do not need to be thrown away but cannot be expected to be left when you return to the apartment.

If you choose to remove pillows and blankets, this must be notified to Newstay before the rental agreement is entered into. Either you can then choose to replace these yourself with new pillows and duvets, or Newstay can help with this. In the latter case, a cost will be added according to the quote, which will be deducted from the first rental payment.

If you do not want to leave your own sheets and towels and this is something that the customer wishes to receive, Newstay can bring sets of this with the tenant when they move in. We then make your bed with our sheets and leave our towels.

If for some reason you decide to replace some of your furniture with new ones, the standard level of the new furniture should correspond to the one that the old furniture had at the time of viewing or when pictures of the apartment were taken.

Property description

For us to convey correct information to your tenant, we need information from you regarding where garbage and bulky waste should be thrown away, where recycling takes place, where the laundry room is, and possibly bicycle room/pram room are available as well as any rules that must be followed in the property. If there is access to storage, you should describe where it is and what markings it has.

Insurance, bills and change of address

As an apartment owner, you are obliged to have a valid home insurance during the rental period, pay your current bills regarding the apartment and to change your address.

Contract writing

Before writing a contract, you must have received written approval for subletting from your housing association or property owner. In order to draw up a contract, we also need the following information from you as a landlord vis-à-vis us:

  • Name and address during the rental period
  • Social security number
  • Telephone number and e-mail address
  • Bank and account number for transfer of rent

Before we write a contract, we ask you to confirm in writing by e-mail that you approve the agreed rental level, the rental period, the tenant and the conditions that follow from this letter.

What happens now?

In order for us to proceed with the rental process and for everything to run smoothly, we would like to receive the following information in writing:

  • The apartment’s address and apartment number
  • Desired rent level
  • Intended rental period
  • Apartment size and number of rooms
  • If you intend to rent the apartment furnished or unfurnished
  • Is household electricity included? What cost do you estimate it incurs per month?
  • Is internet included? If included what speed?
  • Is TV selection included? If it is included with which channels?
  • If not, what is the facility ID of the apartment?
  • Is there access to storage?
  • Is there access to a washing machine, dryer and dishwasher?

It is of course up to you if you choose to contact more similar companies such as Newstay or if you choose to give us exclusive rights to rent your apartment. We strive to have an open dialogue with all parties involved and would therefore like to know how you choose to do it.

As for the rent level, you decide what you want. It does not cost anything to hire us, however we add a sum to the rent. If we discover that no one wants to rent/view the apartment, it usually depends on the rent level. We will then contact you and propose a change.

If you have further questions about the rental – please contact us and we will tell you more. We look forward to a long-term cooperation with you!

With warm greetings,

Team Newstay