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In the event that something breaks down in the apartment, Newstay will investigate what has happened and arrange for measures when needed. The landlord and Newstay will discuss measures and price together. The cost of approved treatment is charged to the landlord, unless damages have occurred due to the tenants’ negligence or carelessness.

Newstay handles deposits, as one of our many services. The deposit lies with us during the entire tenancy, and is paid back only after the move-out inspection has been conducted and approved. We also manage move-out cleaning through our partner Humlegården Service and the cost is taken out from the deposit.

When renting out your apartment through Newstay, we pay the rent to you monthly in advance and you can always feel financially secure.

The first step is to secure that you have permission from your landlord or board of directors, respectively, to sublet your apartment to a company. After that, you send in all necessary information along with pictures of your apartment, and wait for our examining and confirmation. After that, we will put up an add in our listings on our website and start to look for a matching client within our network.

That depends on several characteristics, for example if you rent out in furnished or unfurnished condition, location, standard, and if your apartment is in a rental property (hyresrätt) or in a co-op building (bostadsrätt). Newstay will guide you in regards to the above, and also the demand from the subletting market.